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House Clearance Advice

This website is designed, built and maintained by myself alone, all the information supplied here is my own opinion based on over 15 years experience in the house clearance business and is for guidance only, unfortunately the house clearance industry has a reputation of being full of dodgy second hand furniture and antique dealers trying to take advantage of you if they can.

However things have changed considerably over the years, the value of secondhand furniture, general household items and antiques has dropped considerably and 90% of the industry has now moved either to online markets where you sell your items yourself or to the charities and good causes who now dominate this sector of the industry.

Please don't get me wrong there are honest and professional Second Hand Furniture and Antique Dealers out there but they are far and few between, most I know have been put out of business by the drop in the market value and the competition from charity shops, online markets and cheap mass production combined with high business rates and other day to day running costs.

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Due Diligence

And as with any business there are a few rogues out there both in the waste disposal and recycling business and the house clearance industry, so to protect yourself I recommend due diligence to be the order of the day.

Contents Value

I have also tried to be as straightforward as possible when it comes to the contents of your property and any value it may have, please take a look at our Second Hand Furniture information in the links on our home page or below.

Our Business

Our business is designed to help you if you have limited time to clear a property or your finding it difficult to deal with the emotional aspect of dismantling the life of a relative or friend, we can deal with everything on your behalf.