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I can give you an estimation over the phone so please give me a call, but please remember without seeing the job first this is just an estimate and its very difficult to accurately asses the cost of a full house clearance without seeing the job first.

If you require an estimate over the phone I would need as much information as I can about the property itself, access, parking and size of the property along with as much information about the contents of the property as possible, not giving me a full description of the property and contents will only make the estimation cheaper but not the actual cost of the clearance, which can lead to misunderstanding and disappointment.

Even then the price I estimate would be quite broad, £300 - £600 or £400 - £700 as an example, trying to asses the labour, transportation and recycling costs over the phone is difficult so its in everyone's best interest to get an exact quotation through an appointment.

Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company

Trading Standards Approved

Free House Clearance Estimate

If there are only the larger items of furniture left in the property then it is possible to give you a more accurate if not an exact price for the clearance over the phone, make a list of the items to be cleared when your at the property and then give me a call.

I'm sorry but a telephone conversation that goes, "Well from what I can remember, I think there are 2 beds and I'm not sure but there might be a 3 piece suite and 3 or 4 wardrobes and maybe a fridge, there could also be a display unit and possibly 10 - 60 bags of household junk, Oh! and a shed and garage to clear", this is not going to work for me.

A conversation like this is not going to help me to give you an accurate estimation of what it will cost to clear your property, please remember the more accurate the description of the contents the more accurate the estimation will be.

And trying to convince me over the phone there isn't much in your property isn't going to make the clearance any cheaper, one person phoned me and started the conversation with, "I have a list ! its not a very long list at all" can you estimate the cost of clearing these items for me.

  1. Four double beds and two Single Beds.
  2. Two three piece suits and two other arm chairs.
  3. An 8 ft display cabinet and six bookcases.
  4. 3 Double wardrobes and one large fitted wardrobe already dismantled.
  5. And an assortment of other smaller pieces of furniture and a fridge.

Really !

Our Competitors

Please be aware that most other clearance companies estimate by using a full or part load calculation, this method classes all waste as general waste which is far more expensive to recycle resulting in much higher charges.

Also this method does not take into consideration the size of vehicle they use, from old Tesco delivery vans to caged tippers the range of vehicles used can vary quite considerably, if another company estimates a clearance over the phone as 1 load and then it turns out to be 2 you will end up paying double the estimated price.

Our Vehicles

This is why we prefer to view the property first, so we can supply you with an exact price with no hidden charges or extra costs to worry about, also please bear in mind that not all vehicles have the same size cargo compartment.

Please compare the size of our vehicles to other companies before excepting an estimation using a full or part load calculation, you could get caught out with this method, our vehicles are 6.5 tonne extra long wheel base box vans we can carry more volume than 4 large builders skips on just one of our vehicles.