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How Our Service Works

We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger if you require us to, but you could reduce the cost of your house clearance by taking anything you could realistically fit in your car either to a local charity shop or to your local council recycling center and recycle them for free.

This method can not only reduce the cost of a clearance it will also give you the opportunity to go through the property efficiently to ensure you have not overlooked any item of a personal or financial value, we can then give you a quotation to clear the larger bulky items of furniture etc.

But if this is not a realistic option for you then don't worry we can do everything, we do not require you to separate or bag any item's all we need you to do is search the property to ensure there are no items of value that you would like to keep and we can clear and recycle everything else for you.


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