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How Long Does It Take

The time it takes to clear a property obviously depends on the size of the property and quantity of items in a property, all domestic and commercial waste is governed by Regulation 12 of the waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

Which state that it is a legal requirement that all waste should be separated and prepared for re-use if possible, if it can't be re-used then it must be recycled and as a last resort disposed of, this can be very time consuming so it will work out cheaper if you dispose of all the smaller items yourself.

But if this is not a realistic option for you then don't worry we can do everything, we do not need you to separate or bag any items, all we need you to do is check the property to make sure you have taken any important documents or items with a sentimental or financial value and we can clear everything else for you.

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Trading Standards Approved

How Long Does It Take

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When we clear a property we separate the items into their recycling categories, items that can be re-used by resale or donation and items that can be recycled i.e paper, cardboard, scrap metal, wood etc.

All domestic and commercial waste is governed by Regulation 12 of the (England and Wales) Waste Regulations 2011, by doing this we fulfill our duty to apply the waste hierarchy on behalf of our customers so they don't have to.

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We then load them on our vehicles in a specific order separating them for recycling, once we leave your property we then travel to various commercial recycling centers to recycle these items.

Unlike the council recycling centers where you have different sections for different types of recycling all in the same place, commercial recycling centers are normally specific to one type of recycling and are located miles apart.

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As a reference the complete clearance and transportation of the average contents of a three bedroom house for donation, recycling or disposal will normally take around 8 hours.

We can normally clear and recycle the full contents of most properties in one day with around 4 - 6 hours on site, which equates to between 24 and 30 man hours with the use of two 6.5 ton HGV vehicles, tools and equipment.

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