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Follow the advice I have given in Step 1: of D.I.Y House Clearance, then when you are sure that you have searched the property and you have removed any valuables or items with a personal or financial value that you would like to keep give me a call and we can arrange an appointment at your property that's convenient for you.

If the price is agreeable we can then set a date for the clearance, we will clear the property on the date and time agreed and supply all necessary paperwork, Job Done.

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Please be aware that most other clearance companies quote by using a full or part load method, this method classes all waste as general waste which is far more expensive to recycle resulting in much higher charges.

Also this method does not take into consideration the size of vehicle they use, from old Tesco delivery vans to caged tippers the range of vehicles used can vary quite considerably, if another company estimates a clearance over the phone as 1 load and then it turns out to be 2 you will end up paying double the estimated price.


This is why we prefer to view the property first, so we can supply an exact price with no hidden charges or extra costs, also bear in mind that not all vehicles have the same size cargo compartment.

Make sure you compare the size of our vehicles to other companies you may be considering before excepting a quotation based on full or part load calculations, a lot of people get caught out with the full or part load method, our vehicles are 6.5 tonne extra long wheel base Iveco Box vans we can carry more volume than 4 large builders skips on just one of our vehicles.

Fridge Freezer Recycling


When we clear a property we separate the items into their different recycling categories, items that can be re-used by resale or donation to charity, items that can be recycled i.e paper, cardboard, clothing, bedding, scrap metal, wood etc and then items that need to be disposed of, by doing this we fulfill our duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by the waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

Wooden Furniture Recycling


We then load them on our vehicles in a specific order, once we leave your property we then travel to various commercial recycling centers to recycle these items, but unlike the council recycling centers where you have different sections for different types of recycling all in the same place, commercial recycling centers are normally specific to one type of recycling and are located miles apart.

Waste Paper Recycling


To clear and recycle the full contents of a 3 bedroom property we would send 3 or 4 Personnel and 2 Vehicles depending on the quantity of clutter and large free standing furniture in the property, three personnel for a property with average contents or 4 personnel for cluttered properties, we can normally clear this size property with between 4 and 6 hours on site, 4 hours for average contents or 6 hours for cluttered properties.

Scrap Metal Recycling


As a reference the complete clearance and transportation of the contents of a three bedroom house for recycling will normally take between 8 and 10 hours, but we can normally clear and recycle the full contents of most properties in one day with around 4 - 6 hours at the property, which equates to between 35 and 40 experienced man hours with the use of two 6.5 ton vehicles, tools and equipment.