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Free House Clearance - Swansea

Is there such thing as a free house clearance in Swansea I here you ask, honestly I would have to say no because if a company offers a free house clearance then who is paying their fee, it certainly won't be them doing the clearance out of the kindness of their heart so it must be you who's paying one way or another, the only way a house clearance company could clear a property for free would be if value of the contents of your property outweigh any costs involved in clearing it which to be honest is very unlikely, we are a professional house clearance company covering Swansea, South Wales and clear houses every day of the week.

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Second Hand In General

Unfortunately most second hand furniture and general household items have a relatively low value in the current economical climate, this is due to cheap mass production and the current availability of these items through online markets and charity shops, over the last few years in every town or city there have been a surge of charity shops opening up on the high street, all selling furniture and general household items and all within a few hundred yards of each other, the combination of the charities coupled with the online markets has resulted in an abundance of good quality second hand furniture and general household items being available at very low prices.

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Check The Property

If you clear all the junk and general clutter from a property yourself and have only good quality saleable items left in the house then yes it is possible that a house clearance company could clear the property for free, their costs would be covered by the sale of these items, but if your house is full of old furniture and junk that has low or no value I would be highly suspicious of any company who offer a free house clearance service, if they are offering you a free house clearance they are obviously seeing something of value in the property you have missed, so my advice would be to check and then check again, for more information, advice or just a chat give me a ring I'd be happy to help.

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I just wanted to say thank you for today the men were fantastic a credit to your company."

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Thank you, you have provided a friendly, reliable and professional service throughout and it has been a pleasure dealing with you."

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