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N.A.C Property Clearance

Hi, I'm Mark Parry the owner of N.A.C Property Clearance, we are a Trading Standards Approved house clearance company who specialise in house clearance throughout South Wales, anywhere from Bridgend, Swansea and Cardiff to The Heads of the Valleys, The Vale of Glamorgan and The Gower Peninsula.

We understand that clearing the property of a loved one is a very emotional time for our customers that's why I personally take full responsibility for all aspects of my business, from the initial contact with a customer right through to completion of a clearance.

When you call my business it will be me you speak to, if you request a quotation to clear your property it will be me who who will meet you at your property to supply one, and unless I am with another customer I am always contactable 8 am - 8 pm - 7 days a week, in short "the buck stops here".

My reputation is very important to me, I have made the commitment to operating in a legal, honest and fair way, I have been vetted, approved and recommended by UK Trading Standards and a member of their Buy With Confidence Scheme, we have full Public Liability Insurance and are a Natural Resources Wales Licensed Waste Carrier CBDU5887.

My business is designed to help you if you live locally or hundreds of miles away, if you have limited time to clear a property or you maybe finding it difficult to deal with the emotional aspect of dismantling the life of a close relative or friend, I can provide you with a professional house clearance service, I can deal with everything on your behalf in a matter of hours, we are large enough to cope and small enough to care.


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(Covid - 19)

We are currently operating within UK Government Guidelines regarding social distancing but I can still supply a quotation and we can still clear your property, I can meet you at the property observing social distancing guidelines or I can collect the keys from you, you can post them to me or you can leave them at the property in a safe place, I will asses the clearance and provide a written quotation by email, then if you want to go ahead we can repeat the process for the clearance.

All Charity Shops are currently shut, If you are waiting on the sale of a property and need to get it cleared but you are stuck with furniture in your property that a charity was going to collect please give us a call we may be able to collect your items for free subject to their resalable value, the resale value of these items should cover the cost of their collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does house clearance work, do they pay you.

How Our Service Works

We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger if you require us to, but you could reduce the cost of your . . . .

The cost of a typical full house clearance will obviously depend on the size of the property and the amount of contents to be cleared, but as an example to clear and transport for recycling the full contents of your standard 3 bedroom home will normally take 3 personnel around 8 hrs work and cost on average between £500 - £800

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of a typical full house clearance will obviously depend on the size of the property and the amount of contents to be cleared, but as an example to clear and . . . .

What does house clearance entail.

What Is House Clearance

When you sell a property to a new buyer or hand a rented property back to a local authority or private landlord they would require you to clear the full contents of . . . .

The time it takes to clear a property obviously depends on the size of the property and quantity of items in a property.

How Long Does It Take

The time it takes to clear a property obviously depends on the size of the property and quantity of items in a property, all domestic and commercial waste is . . . .

House clearance do they pay you, or get paid for house clearance.

Cheap House Clearance

There are plenty of man and van type businesses who will take away your items for a low fee, but please remember if it seems to good to be true then it probably is to . . . .

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Charity House Clearance

Charity shop house clearances, if you are finding it hard to donate furniture to charity then this page will have some of the answers for you so please read on, there are . . . .

House clearance auction sales near me, house contents auctions.

House Clearance Auctions

House Clearance auction's can work out well for a few people but not all, please be aware an auction house will charge for the collection of your items if you can't take . . . .

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D.I.Y House Clearance

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House clearance free collection by the council or use skip hire.

Skips Or The Council

Use skips or the county council bulk waste collection service for house clearance, with the average builders skip costing around £200 plus VAT this may turn out to be . . . .

Reduce the cost of house clearance, tips to clear a house..

Reduce The Cost

Reduce the cost of house clearance, the best way to reduce the cost of your house clearance would be for you to try and sell your items first, then if you are able take . . . .

Use our fully licensed and insured house clearance service to clear your house.

Use Us Our Service

Use our house clearance service, when you are sure that you have searched the property and you have removed any valuables or items with a personal or financial value . . . .

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Free second hand furniture, 2nd hand furniture online.

Second Hand Regulations

There are many rules and regulations regarding second hand items it just boils down to whether you are comfortable selling these items even though there is . . . .

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