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Mark Parry Owner N.A.C House Clearance

Please note: we are first and foremost a business who specialise in full property clearance, the removal and recycling of all household contents, our business is designed to help you if you live locally or hundreds of miles away, if you have a limited amount of time to clear a property or you maybe finding it difficult to deal with the emotional aspect of dismantling the life of of a close relative or friend, we can provide you with a reliable and efficient professional house clearance service, we can deal with everything on your behalf in a matter of hours.

From the items that have some value to the item's that have minimal or no value and which you may be finding difficult to dispose of otherwise, we earn a living by providing the labour for the clearance and the transportation of everything in your property for resale or donation, recycling or disposal and not from their resale, it is my opinion is if there is money to be made from the contents of a property then it should be you and your family who benefit.

Local House Clearance

What Is House Clearance ?

When you sell a property to a new buyer or hand a rented property back to a local authority or . . . . . .

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How Does House Clearance Work ?

We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having . . . . . .

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How Long Does House Clearance Take ?

The time it takes to clear a property obviously depends on the size of the project and access to the . . . . . .

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How Much Does House Clearance Cost ?

Everything left in your property that needs to be recycled or disposed of would be classed as . . . . . .

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What Our Customers Say

"Dear Mark:

It has been a few months since you conducted the clearing on my deceased parents' property in Margam, but hopefully it's not too long ago to thank you belatedly for your services, you made such a strong and favorable impression on both Dan and myself, and we can't thank you enough for your integrity, your courteous demeanor, and your ability to make us feel comfortable in what should have been an emotionally difficult process, I wish you great success in your future endeavors. "

Best regards, Stephanie Johnson

"Dear Mark,

We cannot thank you and your team enough for the tremendous part you played in the clearance of the house in Cardiff, we are grateful for your unstinting commitment to the enormous task in tackling room after room, challenge after challenge, always with a cheerful and considerate manner, your incredible support throughout the many visits you made to the property was far beyond what we could ever have expected, thank you for making the impossible possible! "

Catherine and Colin

House Clearance Cardiff

Cost - £990

House Clearance Swansea

Cost - £630

House Clearance Bridgend

Cost - £945

House Clearance South Wales

Cost - £1230

House Clearance Pontypridd

Cost - £2010

House Clearance Newport

Cost - £1935