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House Clearance Neath & Port Talbot

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Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company Neath & Port Talbot

Mark Parry Business Owner

Hi, I'm Mark Parry the owner of N.A.C Property Clearance, we are a Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company who specialise in house clearances in Neath & Port Talbot and throughout South Wales.

Buy With Confidence, our reputation is important to us, we are committed to operating in a legal, honest and fair way, we have been vetted, are continually monitored and have been approved by Trading Standards, we are fully insured and are a Licensed Waste Carrier CBDU5887, all staff are DBS checked.

If you have a house to clear in the Neath or Port Talbot area and you’re not sure where to start and you need some advice or a free quotation give me a call I will be happy to help, below are details of a house clearance project we recently completed in the Neath & Port Talbot, South Wales.

N.A.C House Clearance - A Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company Neath & Port Talbot

Trading Standards Approved

Staff: 4 Personnel

House Clearance Neath & Port Talbot

Vehicles: 2 Vehicles

Neath & Port Talbot House Clearance

Images from a house clearance project completed in the Neath & Port Talbot, all the images displayed below are with the express permission of the property owner, we would never display any images without full consent. Privacy Policy

Time On Site: 6 Hours

3 Bedroom Semi

Full Completion: 10 Hours

House Clearances Neath & Port Talbot

Neath & Port Talbot House Clearance

To clear this house in Neath we sent 4 Personnel and 2 Vehicles because of the quantity of clutter and furniture in the property, we send 3 personnel for a property with average contents or 4 personnel for cluttered properties.

House Clearance Neath & Port Talbot

How Long Did It Take

We cleared this property with less than 6 hours on site, although the complete clearance and transportation of the contents of this size property for donation, recycling and disposal can take between 8 - 10 hours work in total.

For Sale House Clearance Neath & Port Talbot

Our Experience

We have been clearing house's in Neath & Port Talbot for over 10 years, from one bedroom flats to complete house clearances, we clear anything and everything.

House Clearance Items For Sale Neath & Port Talbot

Our Understanding

We understand that every customer has different requirements and expectations, we will tailor our house clearance services to meet your needs.

Local House Clearance Company Neath & Port Talbot

Our Belief

We believe in building trust with our customers by being straightforward, honest and professional, we have an informal and friendly approach and are sure you will feel confident and at ease with our house clearance services.

House Clearance Companies Near Me Neath & Port Talbot

What We Do

What we do we do well by going that extra mile, we are adaptable demonstrating a can do attitude, we take pride in our work and have the enthusiasm to achieve our best and deliver customer satisfaction on every house clearance.

How Much Does House Clearance Cost

Our Guarantee

We guarantee everything removed during your house clearance is disposed of legally, we re-use, recycle or donate as much material as possible, what we can't re-use, recycle or donate we dispose of legally using licensed and reputable commercial waste disposal sites.

House Clearance Companies Neath & Port Talbot

Legal Requirements

We are fully insured through Simply Business and are a Natural Resources Wales Licensed Waste Carrier, we are also a member of the UK House Clearance Association, the first association of its kind set up to promote excellence & customer satisfaction within the UK house clearance industry.

House Clearance Services Neath & Port Talbot

Reduce The Cost

The best way to reduce the cost of your house clearance would be for you to try to sell your items or offer them to members of your own family and friends first, then if you are able take all the smaller item's i.e. bric-a-brac, clothing, bedding, books, magazines and any other item’s you could realistically fit in the boot of your car either to a local charity shop or to your local council recycling center and recycle them for free.

How Does House Clearance Work

Check The Property

This method can not only reduce the cost of a your house clearance but it also gives you the opportunity to go through the property efficiently to ensure you have not overlooked any item of value, this can be a very emotional process of which I'm sure you are aware, we can then give you a quotation to clear the larger bulky item’s of furniture etc, but if this is not a realistic option for you then don't worry we can do everything.

The House Clearance Company Neath & Port Talbot

NRW Advice

Your local council will now be able to fine you if you have not taken care to ensure that your waste is passed on to an authorised person, this could affect you if, for example, you've hired builders, a house clearance company, gardeners or scrap metal merchants who take materials away from your house, if these materials get fly-tipped, you could be liable and could even get fined, we provide a duty of care waste transfer note for every clearance we undertake.

Free House Clearance Neath & Port Talbot

How We Work

We can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger if you require us to, we do not require you to separate or bag any item's all we need you to do is search the property with a fine tooth comb to ensure there are no item's of a financial or personal value that you would like to keep and we can clear and recycle everything else for you, we clear carpets, stair lifts, sheds, garages, attic's and basements.