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Information about how to go about selling your furniture on ebay, gumtree, facebook or at boot sales

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Clearance Company

We are first and foremost a clearance company, we are not a second hand furniture or antique dealer we do not just buy second hand furniture from a property, we earn a living by providing the labour and transportation of everything in your property for resale or donation, recycling or disposal and not from the sale of its contents.

Our Business

Although we do take into consideration any item’s that may have a resale value and use them to cover some of the cost of a house clearance, we are a business who specialise in property clearance, removal and recycling of all household contents, we feel if there is money to be made from the contents of a property then it should be you and your family who benefit.

Discounts Offered

Any items we use to offset the cost of a clearance are sold on to second hand or antique dealers for the same price as the discount we offer, the prices we offer as a discount are roughly the same price you would expect to get from a dealer if they came to your property to buy the items, you will always earn more money for your items by selling them yourself through sites like facebook, ebay or gumtree so why not give it a go.

Member of the Association Of UK House Clearance Companies

Member of The UK House Clearance Association

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Options For Selling Second Hand!

Second Hand Furniture Selling Websites

Sell On The Internet

If you think your item's have a resale value my advice would be to try and sell your item's privately, you could try e-bay or Gumtree, but I think the best market at the moment for the sale of second hand goods would be social media sites such as Facebook Marketplace and other local buy and sell internet sites.

Sell Second Hand Furniture At Boot Sales

Sell At Boot Sales

You could have a day out with the family at a local boot sale, give all your items a good clean and dust off and load them in your car, but make sure they are complete with no missing parts, check that they serviceable and keep your prices realistic and you should have no problems selling them.

Sell Second Hand Furniture To A Dealer

Sell To A Dealer

Sell your items to a second hand dealer, but please bare in mind a dealer will only give you about 20% - 30% of the items market value, because they have costs for the collection, resale and delivery and other overheads to take into account before they even start to make a profit on these items.