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Charity House Clearance

Although donating saleable items to charity and good causes is to be commended I believe in the current economic climate that charity starts at home, clearing the property of a close friend or relative can be a very emotional time and having to bear the cost can only add to the stress and upset involved.

Our number one priority is our customers and providing them with the best possible service, we can only do this by using an efficient environmentally friendly recycling policy and selling on any items with a resale value and using the proceeds towards the cost of a house clearance.

If you are finding it hard to donate furniture to charity in Cardiff, Bridgend or Swansea then this page might have some of the answers for you. There are many house clearance charities that pick up furniture for free, but there are also many reasons why a charity shop can't take all of your second hand furniture and household items.

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Charity House Clearance

Donate Furniture to Charity Cardiff

One of the main reasons they won't take everything is even though they are a charity they are still a business and have a limited amount of space in their charity shops so they need to be very selective in the items they take as charitable donations.

Donate Furniture to Charity Swansea

They are also governed by the same rules and regulations that apply to any other business selling second hand furniture, Foam Fire Regulations, Electricity Compliance Regulations, Gas Safety Tests, General Product Safety Regulations .

Donate Furniture to Charity Bridgend

Another reason they don't take all donations is that unfortunately the charities themselves have become their own worse enemy, over the last few years in every town or city there have been a surge of charity shops opening up on the high street.

Sue Ryder Foundation Charity House Clearance Service

All selling the same type of items and all within a few hundred yards of each other, this competition has resulted in a price war driving the value of good quality second hand furniture through the floor.

Oxfam Charity House Clearance Service

There has been a 40 percent rise in the number of high street charity shops in the last ten years, do you ever wonder why, could it be that full business rates are liable on empty commercial properties.

Blue Cross Charity House Clearance Service

Including lower value properties such as small shops and offices, however charities occupying a commercial property qualify for a mandatory 80% discount on business rates.

Age UK Charity House Clearance Service

Local authorities also have the discretion to grant the remaining 20% as a further discount, charities are now being approached by retailers and landlords to enter into tenancy agreements that would relieve the landlords of their requirement to pay business rates they would otherwise be liable for.

RSPCA Charity House Clearance Service

This is advantageous for charities and provide good opportunities to lease commercial properties for low or nominal rents so low its called a peppercorn rent, they may even receive charitable donations from landlords that reflect the 20% percent of the business rates that they would still be liable for.

Scope Charity House Clearance Service

They acquire their stock free of charge and have staff who mostly work for free, they also benefit from being exempt from corporation tax and have zero rated V.A.T on the sale of donated goods, this is why there are very few second hand dealers most have been put out of business by this competition.

Wales Air Ambulance House Clearance Service

Some charities offer to collect up to 15 items for free but this offer only applies to items they know they can easily sell in their shops, they choose the items they take for free not you.

If there are only 3 items in your property they know they can sell they will only take the 3 items, but what you estimate as having a resale value might not be viewed the same way by a charity shop.

Ty Hafan House Clearance Service

Choosing one charity from a list of hundreds can be a bit of a challenge in itself, first choose one that may have given you or your family support and assistance in the past.

Local animal welfare charities seem to be struggling more than most to stay in business due to the competition from large national charities with large advertising budgets and very deep pockets.

Salvation Army House Clearance Service

Please bare in mind we are not a charity, we are not linked or associated with any charities and we do not undertake free collections of item’s specifically to donate to charity.

We are a business who specialise in property clearance, removal and recycling of all household contents, we can deal with everything on your behalf in a matter of hours.

How the charities Work

You call a charity and give them a list of the items you want to donate, let's say you have 10 items of large furniture that you would like to give to them, they say yes thank you very much we will take them all.

They will then agree a date to come to your property to view the items, but please be aware this is only to view the items to see if they want them, some charities use contractors for this.

Once at your property they will then only take the items they know they can sell, this maybe all of the 10 items or just 1 or 2 or maybe none at all, leaving you to deal with what's left at your own expense.

We get calls every day from customers who have been left with furniture in their properties at the very last minute because the charities said they would take them but didn't.

Please plan ahead if you are intending to use a charity to clear furniture from your property make sure you leave enough time to make other arrangements just incase they don't take everything as promised.

Alternatively ask them to come to the property to confirm they want the items before the clearance date, that way you won't get caught out and get "left holding the baby" on completion day.

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