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Hi, I'm Mark Parry the owner of N.A.C Property Clearance, we are a Trading Standards approved house clearance company who provide stress free house clearance services in Swansea and throughout South Wales, everything you will ever need to know about house clearance is on this website, so before you hit the back button why not browse through the information I have supplied in the links below.

Our reputation is very important to us, we have made the commitment to operate in a legal, honest and fair way, we have been fully vetted, approved and are recommended by Trading Standards through their Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved Scheme, we are fully insured and a Natural Resources Wales Licensed Waste Carrier Reg: CBDU5887.

We don't claim to be the most professional, efficient and reliable house clearance company in South Wales but we will have a good go at it, so If you have a house to clear in the Swansea area and you’re not sure where to start and you need some advice or a free house clearance quotation give me a call I will be happy to help, we are large enough to cope but also small enough to care.

Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company Swansea, we know its hard clearing the home of a close relative or friend, we can help.

Trading Standards Approved


1 Vehicle

2 Personnel

House Clearance Project In Swansea

Images from a 3 bedroom house clearance project completed in Swansea SA1, all the images displayed below are with the express permission of the property owner, we would never display any images without full consent.


On Site: 4 Hours

Completion: 6 Hours

Stress free house clearance service Swansea.

House Clearance Swansea

Trading Standards Approved house clearance company Swansea, we know its hard clearing the home of a close relative or friend, we can help.

Charity shops that do house and flat clearance in Swansea.

How Long Did It Take

We cleared this house with less than 4 hrs on site, although the complete clearance and transportation for recycling took 6 hrs in total.

Beware Of Cheap House Or Flat Clearance Services Swansea.

Our Experience

We have been clearing houses and flats in Swansea and throughout South Wales for over 10 years, from one bedroom flats to full house clearances.

How Much Does House Clearance Cost In Swansea ?

Our Understanding

We understand that every customer has different requirements and expectations, we will tailor our services to meet your needs.

Charity Shops That Do House Clearance In Swansea

Our Promise

We take pride in our work and promise to achieve our best and deliver customer satisfaction on every project we undertake.

Our Belief

We believe in building trust with our customers by being honest and professional and we are sure you will feel confident with our service.

Cheap House Clearance In Swansea

Our Guarantee

We guarantee everything removed during your clearance is disposed of legally, we re-use or recycle as much material as possible, what we can't re-use or recycle we dispose of legally using licensed commercial recycling sites.

Do It Yourself House Clearance Swansea

Our Business

Our business is designed to help you if you live locally or hundreds of miles away, if you have limited time to clear a property or your finding it difficult to deal with the emotional aspect of dismantling the life of a close relative or friend.

House Clearance Second Hand Furniture Auctions In Swansea

Our Service

We can provide you with a professional house clearance service, we can deal with everything on your behalf in a matter of hours, from the items that have some value to the item's that have no value which can be difficult to dispose of.

Search The Property

Get the family together and take time to search your property as efficiently as you can putting to one side any important paperwork or valuables, then put them in your car and take them home.

Free House Clearance In Swansea

What We Need You To Do

We do not need you to do anything else, we can clear your whole property from start to finish all within a few hours without you having to lift a finger after you have searched the property.

Free Quotation

Once you have removed any items with a personal or financial value give me a call and we can arrange an appointment at your property for me to supply you with a quotation to clear it.

Call 8 am - 8 pm - 7 Days

Call : 01792 594039

Mob: 07870 280754

House Clearance Advice !

We know it's not just about being good at the job, it's also about treating the customer right.

Free house clearance Swansea

Free House Clearance Services

Cheap house clearance Swansea

Cheap House Clearance Services

Charity shops in Swansea that collect furniture and house clearance.

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House clearance furniture auctions Swansea

House Clearance Auctions

Do it yourself house clearance tips Swansea

Do It Yourself House Clearance

second hand furniture Swansea.

Antique & Second Hand Furniture

Skip hire alternative in Swansea

Use Skips Or The Council

Council Recycling Centre and bulky waste collection in Swansea.

House Clearance Reduce The Cost

What is house clearance.

What Is House Clearance

How our house clearance service works.

How Our Service Works

How much does house clearance cost.

The Cost Of House Clearance

How long does house clearance take.

How Long Does A Clearance Take

Trading Standards Approved

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Trading Standards Approved House Clearance

Sometimes It Takes A While For A Rogue Trader To Show Their Teeth. Let Us Help!

All Buy With Confidence Trading Standards Approved members have been audited, monitored, advised & approved by Local UK Trading Standards Officers helping to ensure consumers receive a professional and quality service.

We go beyond the surface to ensure a business is committed to customer service & respects their client's rights, we feel it's not just about being good at the job, it's also about treating the customer right.

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N.A.C Property Clearance

"Mark Parry was reassuring from the moment he walked in, honest and clear with his credentials and quote, he presented as someone who takes care and consideration of the circumstances when people have lost loved ones, he was professional and extremely helpful in taking the responsibility from us with regards to the lifting of this heavy load of clearing our parents home, his communication was simple and to the point, guiding us through what to expect on the actual day of the clearance, . . . ."

Trading Standards Profile

N.A.C Property Clearance

"Professional from start to finish and heaven sent to help us through a very traumatic house clearance, contents were cleared methodically and at great speed and safe in knowledge that contents were ethically disposed of, the process was dealt with sensitivity, respect and humour at a very sad emotional time and after having two other "dodgy" quotes - finding NAC clearance was the answer to our prayers, I truly thank Mark and his team at NAC for giving us peace of mind, . . . ."

Trading Standards Profile

N.A.C Property Clearance

"Not just a man with a van but but a very professional service all staff appropriately dressed in company logoed uniform and fully aware of H & S regulations. They worked methodically through the property bagging and sorting all the different materials as they went along. Although the property had been searched before hand I was handed any items which they thought of value as they came across them (fallen behind cupboards, under beds etc). Honesty is obviously part of their policy, . . . ."

Trading Standards Profile

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You can't put a price on piece of mind! Do you know where your waste is going ? If the contents of your property get fly tipped you could be liable and could even get fined.

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