How Much Does House Clearance Cost

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How Much Does It Cost

The cost of a typical full house clearance will depend on the amount of contents to be cleared, so if you clear all the smaller items yourself i.e pots, pans, china, bric-a-brac, clothing, bedding, books, etc by taking them to a local charity or the recycling center the cost will be reduced significantly, then the cost of clearing the larger items can range on average from £350 - £550.

If this is not a viable option for you then as an example to clear and transport for recycling the full contents of your standard 3 bedroom home including all the above mentioned items will normally take 3 personnel around 8 hrs work and cost on average £500 - £800, if there are resalable items then these can be used to offset the cost of a clearance or on some occasions even cover the full cost of a house clearance.

All the information you will ever need about house clearance is on this site, from cheap or free house clearance services to charities that do house clearance and house clearance auctions, along with the value of secondhand furniture and how to make money selling it yourself, so before you hit the back button why not browse through the information I have supplied in the links at the bottom of this page, everything you need to know is there.


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We are currently operating within UK Government Guidelines regarding social distancing but I can still supply a quotation and we can still clear your property, I can meet you at the property observing social distancing guidelines or I can collect the keys from you, you can post them to me or you can leave them at the property in a safe place, I will asses the clearance and provide a written quotation by email, then if you want to go ahead we can repeat the process for the clearance.

All Charity Shops are currently shut, If you are waiting on the sale of a property and need to get it cleared but you are stuck with furniture in your property that a charity was going to collect please give us a call we may be able to collect your items for free subject to their resalable value, the resale value of these items should cover the cost of their collection.

House Clearance Costs

House Clearance How Much Does It Cost

Recycling Costs

When we take items from your property it becomes our business waste so we can only use commercial recycling centers to recycle these item’s charged by weight, around 25% of the price a customer pays are recycling charges.

house clearance do they pay you.

Vehicle Costs

As with any business there are a lot of costs involved in running our business legally, vehicles are one of the larger costs, to buy and run one of our 6.5 Ton HGV vehicles cost us around £80 per day, including purchase, tax, fuel and licensing costs etc.

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Crew Costs

To clear a 3 bedroom semi detached property we would send 3 or 4 experienced personnel and 1 or 2 vehicles equipped with suitable tools and equipment, around 25% of the price a customer pays are staff wages and other related staff costs.

House Clearance Costs Explained

Does any company do a complete house clearance.

Admin Costs

Then there are telephone, website and advertising costs along with office and yard rent, rates, power etc and other related licenses and paperwork, we charge a fixed price for vehicles and admin, around 25% of the price a customer pays are admin costs.

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Please Note

We are a clearance company not second hand dealer we don't just buy furniture from a property , we earn a living by providing the labour and transportation of everything in your property for re-use, recycling or disposal and not from the sale of its contents.

What does house clearance entail.

Company Profit

The aim of any business is to make a profit, we calculate this by adding the recycling costs, wages and the admin costs together and adding 25% to the total, most of which is re-invested back into the business, newer vehicles better equipment etc.

Cost Of Clearing A House

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When we clear a property we separate the items into their different recycling categories, items that can be re-used, items that can be recycled i.e paper, cardboard, clothing, bedding, scrap metal, wood etc and then items that need to be disposed of.

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By doing this we fulfill our duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by the waste regulations, we then load them on our vehicles, once we leave your property we then travel to various commercial recycling centers to recycle them.

On average how much does a house clearance cost.


But unlike the council recycling centers where you have different sections for different types of recycling all in the same place, commercial recycling centers are normally specific to one type of recycling and located miles apart.

Our Competition

Price Of A Full House Clearance

Our Competitors

Please be aware that most house clearance companies quote by using a full or part load method, this method classes all waste as general waste which is more expensive to recycle.

This results in much higher charges, please compare the size of our vehicles to other companies before excepting an estimate using a full or part load calculation.

Large House Clearance Van

Vehicle Size

Also this method does not take into consideration the size of vehicle they use from old Tesco delivery vans to caged tippers the range of vehicles used can vary quite considerably.

If another company estimates a clearance as 1 load and then it turns out to be 2 you will end up paying double the estimated price, you could get caught out with this method .

Charges For House Clearance

Our Vehicles

Not all vehicles have the same size cargo compartment, our vehicles are 6.5 tonne HGV box vans we can carry more volume than 4 large builders skips on just one of our vehicles.

This is why we prefer to view the property first so we can take into consideration any resale value, any transportation, recycling and labour costs before we supply a quotation.

Who Said Size Doesn't Matter

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