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No Resale Value

If the contents of your property has no resale value we will give you a quotation to clear the property which will include all recycling fees, our labour and transportation costs, Example: The cost of clearing your property is £600 = you pay us £600, Please Note: Unlike charities, auction houses and furniture dealers who only take the items with a resale value, we clear and dispose of legally anything and everything from your property all within a few hours, we can clear most properties with between 4 and 6 hours on site.

Some Resale Value

If some of the contents of your property has a resale value we can give you a discount against the cost of the clearance, Example: The cost of clearing your property is £600 and the estimated contents resale value is £250 = you pay us £350 and we get the other £250 from a furniture dealer, Please Note: We sell the items to the trade only we do not sell to the general public, any items we use to offset the cost of a clearance are sold on to second hand or antique dealers for the same price as the discount we give.

Higher Resale Value

If most of the contents of your property has a resale value we can clear the property for free or pay you, Example: The cost of clearing your property = £600 and the contents estimated resale value is £800, we pay you £200 and we get the £800 from an antique or second hand dealer, Please Note: The price we offer as a discount are roughly the same price you would get from a second hand dealer, you will always earn more money by selling them yourself through sites like facebook or eBay so why not give it a go.

Our Understanding

We understand that clearing a property yourself can be a very emotional, stressful and physical task especially if you are clearing the property of a close relative or friend.

We do not require you to seperate, bag or move any items, all we need you to do is search the property for any valuables or important paperwork and we can do everything else for you.

Our Business

We are first and foremost a property clearance company, we are not a second hand furniture shop or antique dealer, we do not just buy furniture or household items from a property.

We earn a living by providing the tools, skilled labour and transportation of everything in your property for resale or donation, recycling or disposal and not from the sale of its contents.

Your Family

We feel if there is money to be made from the contents of your property then it should be you and your family who benefit, for advice or a free quotation please feel free to give me a ring.

The quotation is free with absolutely no obligations attached, there's no hard sell and no hidden charges guaranteed, the price we quote to clear your property is the price you pay.