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Use Skips Or The Council

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Everything left in your property at the moment that needs to be recycled or disposed of would be classed as domestic recycling and could be recycled at your local council recycling center for free subject to you getting it there.

Or you could try the bulky waste collection service from your local authority, use skips or use a waste disposal and recycling company like ours.

If you decide to use your local council community recycling center you will need to separate and bag all the items in the property into their different recycling categories, i.e. wood, hard plastic, metal, china, glass, paper, cardboard, fabrics, etc.

With the average builders skip costing around £200 - £250 + VAT this may turn out to be very expensive, also you cannot put TVs, computer monitors, fluorescent light tubing, paint, chemicals, fridges and fridge freezers, car batteries, car or bike tires in a skip, and if you require the skip to be placed on a public road this will incur a fee for the Permit from your local authority.

Use Skips Or The Council!

Use Skips To Recycle

Use Skips

You may also end up paying for the disposal of rubbish that other people throw in your skip, if you overload a skip the driver will unload some of the rubbish before he can lift it onto his vehicle safely, you are only allowed to load a skip level with the sides.

Council Recycling Center

No More Black Bags

The days of putting everything in black bin bags and taking them up the tip are long gone, the tip is now a recycling center and all waste must be separated for recycling before you take it there or you might get turned away, especially at busy times.

The County Council Bulk Waste Collection Service

Use The Council

The Local Authority Bulky Waste Collection Service will normally collect a limited number of items for a set price, but it needs to be booked a couple of weeks in advance and they will only collect from the curb side not from inside your property.