What Is House Clearance

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What Is House Clearance

When you sell a property to a new buyer or hand a rented property back to a local authority or private landlord they would require you to completely clear the full contents of the property, this would include all free standing items of furniture and white goods.

Along with all loose items of general clutter, books, magazines, clothing, bedding, pots, pans, china and brica-brac etc, from all fitted cupboards and wardrobes, rooms, attics and basements, you may also be required to remove items you may have fitted yourself including carpets, curtains and stair lifts.

You will also have to clear any sheds and garages and any garden furniture or ornaments and plant pots etc, the general rule would be to return the property as you found it for rented properties, or as you would expect to receive it if you had bought the property yourself.

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What Is House Clearance