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High Street Charity Shops

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Mark Parry Business Owner

Over the last few years in every town or city, there has been a surge of second-hand charity shops opening up on the high street, all selling the same type of items and all within a few hundred yards of each other.

This competition has resulted in a price war driving the value of good quality second-hand furniture through the floor and resulting in the lower value item's becoming worthless.

In the end, most good quality second-hand furniture and general household items now have a relatively low value so unlike in the past charities that collect furniture will only take the better quality items leaving you with the rest to clear at your expense.

Why Are There So Many Charity Shops On The High Street

British Heart Foundation house clearance and free furniture pickup and collection service
Cancer Research Charity House Clearance Service
The British Red Cross Charity House Clearance Service

The Rise Of The Charity Shop

There has been a 40 percent rise in the number of high street charity shops in the last fifteen years, do you ever wonder why could it have something to do with full business rates are liable on empty commercial properties that remain unoccupied for three months or more.

This includes lower value properties such as small shops and offices, however, charities occupying a commercial property qualify for a mandatory 80% discount on business rates.

Local authorities also have the discretion to grant the remaining 20% as a further discount, Charities are being approached by retailers and landlords to enter into tenancy agreements that would relieve the landlords of their requirement to pay full business rates.

Charity Benefits

Equally, some charities are actively marketing their willingness to enter into tenancy agreements with commercial landlords, this is advantageous for charities and provides good opportunities for them to also lease commercial properties for low or nominal rents.

So low it would be called a peppercorn rent, they may even receive donations from landlords that reflect the cost of the business rates than they would otherwise be liable for.

They acquire their stock free of charge and have staff who mostly work for free along with benefiting from being exempt from corporation tax and have zero-rated V.A.T on the sale of donated goods, they even have a discount on the V.A.T they pay on their energy bills.

Age UK Charity House Clearance Service

We Are Not A Charity

Please bear in mind we are not a charity, we are not linked or associated with any charities and we do not undertake free collections of items specifically to donate to charity.

RSPCA Charity House Clearance Service

Our Business

We are a business that specializes in property clearance, removal, and recycling of all office and household contents, Please take your time when selecting a charity.

Scope Charity House Clearance Service

We Are Not A Charity

We get calls every day from customers who have been left with furniture in their property at the very last moment because they assumed the charity would their items but didn't.