Do It Yourself House Clearance

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Do It Yourself House Clearance

House Clearance Do It Yourself

Step: 1

Clearing a property yourself can be a very emotional, stressful and physical task especially if you are clearing the property of a close relative or friend.

Sorting through the belongings of a loved one can be a very emotional process of which I'm sure you are aware, every item in the property of a close relative will hold a memory and have some kind of emotional attachment.

This stress and emotion can be magnified especially if you only have a limited amount time to complete the task, so I have tried to supply as much information as possible on this site, if nothing else you should start with the information on this page, this is a must.

Trading Standards Approved House Clearance Company

Trading Standards Approved

! Search The Property !

Search The Property Thoroughly

Search The Property

This may seem a little extreme but we have all seen the police reality TV program's of Police searching a property during a raid, but there is a method here, contrary to popular belief although they do make some mess they try to do it as efficiently as possible without disturbing the area too much.

This is because if they do find any sign's of illegal activity during the search the area then becomes a crime scene and they will need to gather as much evidence as possible, if they just turn everything upside down they may miss or loose important information and evidence.

Avoid Creating Chaos

Avoid Chaos

And the same thing applies to any house clearance not just do it yourself house clearance, get the family together and take time to search your property as efficiently as you can putting to one side any important paperwork or valuables but without creating chaos.

This gives you the chance to start to prioritise the important things right from the get go before you even think about how to dispose of the rest off the contents, remove any valuables, important paperwork and personal items you couldn't bear to loose, pop them in your car and take them home.

! D.I.Y Step By Step Guide !

2: Reduce The Clutter

When you are confident that you have identified and removed any items of a personal or financial value along with . . . .

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3: Tackle The Bric A Brac

Where do I start, well from our point of view general bric-a-brac and household junk hold no value, even the charity shops . . . .

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4: Recycle Your Items

Take all the items you have boxed or bagged up for charity to the charity of your choice, it may be worth giving them a ring first . . . .

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5: Sell Your Items

At this stage you should be left with just the larger items of furniture and general household items you think may hold a . . . .

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6: Donate Your Items

OK so once you have tried to sell your items and if no one wants them you can can offer them to a charity, please note charities . . . .

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7: Dispose Of Your Items

If you can't sell it or give it away to a charity for free then nobody is going to want it so the only option you have left is waste disposal . . . .

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