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Tackle The Bric-A-Brac

D.I.Y House Clearance

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From our point of view general bric-a-brac and household junk hold no value, even the charity shops are reluctant to take it anymore. the small pieces of china and glassware most of which have been bought by the family or friends as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas, etc hold no financial value.

There is, of course, a very emotional attachment to all of these items and every one of them will have a memory attached so they will be difficult for you to deal with, but unless you want to take them home with you then unfortunately they will need to be donated or recycled.

Tackle The Bric A Brac!

Donate Bric-a-brac

Select Items

Some items may hold a more sentimental or financial value than others so go through them one by one and separate and pack the items to be kept, either put them to one side in a designated area or room or take them home with you.

Bag & Box

Then bag or box the rest of the items ready to take to a charity shop or for recycling, separate china, wood, plastics, etc, put to one side any items you think may have value, books, records & general household items in a serviceable condition.

Sort Through

Then you will need to start to sort through the junk in the property, empty one section at a time, kitchen cupboards, furniture, attics, sheds, and garages, and separate and prepare the contents for donation or recycling as you go.

D.I.Y Step By Step Guide

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