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Reduce The Clutter

When you are confident that you have identified and removed any items of a personal or financial value along with important paperwork etc, you can then start to consider how to proceed with the clearance of the rest of the contents of the property.

From experience I would estimate that around 30 - 40 % of the clutter in any property would be clothing, shoes, bedding and toweling, so I feel this is probably the best place to start.

This will also give you the opportunity to check for items left or hidden in pockets, keep an eye out for items like brooches still left on coats etc.


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Reduce The Clutter

Donate or Sell Clothing

To Sell or To Donate

Your options with clothing are to sell them yourself online at boot sales or through clothes for cash companies or donate them to charity, charity shops are starting to move away from selling clothing but there are some who specialise in good quality designer and vintage clothing but most now just sell them on to clothes for cash companies.

Before you donate or sell them you will have to check that the clothes are clean and serviceable, you will need to remove any underwear or night wear and dispose of them separately, charities or clothes companies will not take any clothing if they are soiled or damaged in anyway or are damp or smell of cigarettes.

Donate Bedding To The Dog Trust

Towelling And Bedding

Nearly all charities or clothes for cash companies do not take bedding or towelling, however some animal welfare charities do, we donate all our bedding and towelling to these charities, they use them for bedding in the kennels or for washing and drying the animals, you may have to make a few calls to check that they require any at the moment.

But please bare in mind the same rules apply with animal charities they will not take them if they are soiled or damaged or smell of damp or cigarettes, by removing and recycling the clothing, towelling and bedding etc, you will create more room to then move on to the rest of the contents in your property.

D.I.Y Step By Step Guide

3: Tackle The Bric A Brac

Where do I start, well from our point of view general bric-a-brac and household junk hold no value, even the charity shops . . . .

4: Recycle Your Items

Take all the items you have boxed or bagged up for charity to the charity of your choice, it may be worth giving them a ring first . . . .

5: Sell Your Items

At this stage you should be left with just the larger items of furniture and general household items you think may hold a . . . .

6: Donate Your Items

OK so once you have tried to sell your items and if no one wants them you can can offer them to a charity, please note charities . . . .

7: Dispose Of Your Items

If you can't sell it or give it away to a charity for free then nobody is going to want it so the only option you have left is waste disposal . . . .

1: Search The Property

Clearing a property yourself can be a very emotional, stressful and physical task especially if you are clearing the property . . . .

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