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Donation & Recycling

Take all the items you have boxed or bagged up for charity to the charity of your choice, it may be worth giving them a ring first to see if they are taking the type of items you have at the moment you might end up wasting your time and sometimes you may even get turned away because they don't have the room.

You then have 2 options with the all the recyclable items, you could take them to your local community recycling center and dispose of them for free, you can only use a car or a car with a trailer not more then 1.5m long for this, you cannot take a van or any other commercial vehicle onto the site without a permit, or you could pay for skips.


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Recycle Your Items

Use Skips To Recycle

Use Skips

With the average builders skip costing around £200 including VAT this may turn out to be very expensive, also you cannot put TVs, computer monitors, fluorescent light tubing, paint, chemicals, fridges and fridge freezers, car batteries, car or bike tires in a skip.

You may also end up paying for the disposal of rubbish that other people throw in your skip, please bear in mind if you overload a skip the driver will unload some of the rubbish before he can lift it onto his vehicle safely, you are only allowed to load a skip level with the sides.

Use The Recycling Center

If you decide to use your local council community recycling centre you will need to separate and bag all the items in the property into their different recycling categories, i.e. wood, hard plastic, metal, china, glass, paper, cardboard and fabrics.

The days of putting everything in black bin bags and taking them up the tip are long gone, the tip has now become a recycling centre and all waste must be separated for recycling before you take it there otherwise you will have to do it at the recycling centre or even on some occasions get turned away.

D.I.Y Step By Step Guide

5: Sell Your Items

At this stage you should be left with just the larger items of furniture and general household items you think may hold a . . . .

6: Donate Your Items

OK so once you have tried to sell your items and if no one wants them you can can offer them to a charity, please note charities . . . .

7: Dispose Of Your Items

If you can't sell it or give it away to a charity for free then nobody is going to want it so the only option you have left is waste disposal . . . .

1: Search The Property

Clearing a property yourself can be a very emotional, stressful and physical task especially if you are clearing the property . . . .

2: Reduce The Clutter

When you are confident that you have identified and removed any items of a personal or financial value along with . . . .

3: Tackle The Bric A Brac

Where do I start, well from our point of view general bric-a-brac and household junk hold no value, even the charity shops . . . .

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