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Ok so once you have tried to sell your items and if no one wants them you can offer them to a charity, please note charities have a limited amount of space in their charity shops so they need to be very selective in the items they take, they are also governed by the same rules and regulations that apply to any other business selling second-hand furniture.

Foam Fire Regulations, Electricity Compliance Regulations, Gas Safety Tests, etc, some charities offer to collect up to 15 items for free but this offer only applies to items they know they can sell, for example, if they know they can sell only 3 of the 15 items you want to donate to them they will only take the 3 items.

Donate Your Items!

Row Of Charity Shops From Google Maps

Their Own Worse Enemy

Unfortunately the charities themselves have become their own worse enemy, over the last few years in every town or city there has been a surge of second-hand charity shops opening up on the high street, all selling the same type of items and all within a few hundred yards of each other.

Donate Second Hand To Charities And Good Causes

Charity Competition

This competition has resulted in a price war driving the value of second-hand furniture through the floor, most second-hand furniture now has a relatively low value so charities that collect furniture will only take the better quality items leaving you with the rest to clear at your expense.

Free second hand furniture, 2nd hand furniture online.

Second Hand Regulations

There are many regulations regarding the sale or donation of secondhand items, these regulations are designed for the safety of the general public and are governed by law, secondhand dealers, charities, and auction houses can be prosecuted if they do not comply with these regulations.

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