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Sell Your Items

At this stage you should be left with just the larger items of furniture and general household items you think may hold a value, my advice would be to try to sell them or offer them to your own family or friends first.

The price you get for second hand furniture and general household items is so low at the moment so these items are going to be of more value to yourself or people you know.

The main reason for this is cheap mass production and increased competition from online markets such as Facebook, Gumtree and E-bay along with hundreds of other internet sites selling these items, there is also the ever increasing number of charity shops on the high street selling these items.


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Sell Your Items

Sell Second Hand Furniture On The Web

Sell On The Internet

If you think your item's have a resale value my advice would be to try and sell your item's privately, you could try e-bay or Gumtree but I think the best market at the moment for the sale of second hand goods would be social media sites such as Facebook Marketplace and other local buy and sell internet sites.

Sell Second Hand Furniture At Auction

Sell At Auction

You might be thinking of sending these items to auction, my advice would be to do your research first, make sure the items you are thinking of sending to auction are worth taking the chance on you could end up owing an auction house considerably more than the value of your items, see my link House Clearance Auctions.

Sell Second Hand At Boot Sales

Sell At Boot Sales

You could have a day out with the family at a local boot sale, give all your items a good clean and dust off and load them in your car, but make sure they are complete with no missing parts and have no damage, check that they are working properly and keep your prices realistic.

Sell Second Hand Furniture To A Dealer

Sell To A Dealer

Sell your items to a second hand dealer if you can find one, but please bare in mind a dealer will only give you about 30% of the items market value, because they have costs for the collection, resale and delivery to take into account before they can make a profit on these items.

D.I.Y Step By Step Guide

6: Donate Your Items

OK so once you have tried to sell your items and if no one wants them you can can offer them to a charity, please note charities . . . .

7: Dispose Of Your Items

If you can't sell it or give it away to a charity for free then nobody is going to want it so the only option you have left is waste disposal . . . .

1: Search The Property

Clearing a property yourself can be a very emotional, stressful and physical task especially if you are clearing the property . . . .

2: Reduce The Clutter

When you are confident that you have identified and removed any items of a personal or financial value along with . . . .

3: Tackle The Bric A Brac

Where do I start, well from our point of view general bric-a-brac and household junk hold no value, even the charity shops . . . .

4: Recycle Your Items

Take all the items you have boxed or bagged up for charity to the charity of your choice, it may be worth giving them a ring first . . . .

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