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Mark Parry Business Owner

If your considering selling your items at a house clearance furniture auction in Cardiff, Newport, or Swansea please be aware that auctions can work out well for a few people but not all, an auction house will charge for the collection of your furniture if you can't deliver it yourself.

There are a few things to consider before sending your items to a secondhand furniture auction, collection charges, testing costs, auction charges, disposal fees, etc, and due to the very low value of second-hand furniture at the moment a lot of auction houses have now started charging a fixed price per item to even enter your second-hand furniture into their auctions, so my advice would be to do your research first.

Make sure the items you are thinking of sending to auction are worth taking the chance on you could end up owing an auction house considerably more than the value of your items, please take a look at our FAQ page for information about second-hand furniture and its value.

Second-Hand Auctions!

House clearance furniture auction collection charges and costs

Collection Costs

If an auction house sends two guys in a van to collect your items they will charge on average £60 - £80 per hour for labor and transport.

If for example, it takes them 3 hours to drive to your property, then load your items and return to their base you could owe them £240 + VAT in collection charges before the auction even starts.

House clearance furniture auctions in cardiff

What They Take

Auctions will only take the items they think will sell you will still have to arrange for the clearance of the items they don't take.

Any electrical items will need to be PAT tested or Gas Safe Tested and soft furnishings will need fixed compliance labels, but they seem to be very reluctant to take soft furnishings at the moment.

House clearance furniture auctions in Swansea

Auction Charges

If your items sell at auction the seller's premium on most second-hand furniture would be around 15% - 20% + VAT.

If your items do not sell at the auction you may have to pay a "No Sale Fee" you will also have to arrange for the collection and disposal of the items that don't sell yourself or pay the auction for their disposal.